Tennis Lessons

Parkcrest offers group tennis lessons to youth, ages 5-18, and to adults.

Due to COVID-19, our typical tennis offerings are not able to be safely held.  Our courts are open with limitations.  Below is information on our tennis offerings in a “typical” season.  Tennis courts are a unique offering of PC compared to some other All City pools, come check out the fun sometime!


Register for tennis at session 1 and 2 All-Activity sign-ups. Tennis lessons follow a Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs schedule.

Please note: For safety reasons, it is highly recommended that children wait until they are at least 5-years old to begin tennis lessons. Also, students will not be able to participate in class without tennis shoes. NO sandals or flip-flops allowed! Students should bring their own tennis racquet.


Coming soon – please check back later.


  • Grade School (5-6 year olds, 7-8 year olds, 9-10 year olds) (30 minute lessons): $20 per student per session
  • Middle School, High School, and Adult (45 minute lessons): $30 per student per session

Tennis fees enable Parkcrest to maintain the best possible tennis staff!


In addition to group lessons, Parkcrest offers:

Private Lessons: Private lessons should be scheduled through the Head Tennis Pro. Private tennis lessons are $25 per hour and can be split by up to 4 people, juniors and adults alike.

Women’s Tennis League: Participating women meet to play games on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 8:00 am – 9:00 am. The league is open to women 18 years or older. All three mornings may not meet for play if sign-ups do not support the day. Participants sign up for league play at All-Activities Sign-up.

Women’s and Men’s Drill Nights: Participants meet on the tennis courts for a one-hour supervised drill with our tennis pros. There is a $5/person charge each week.

Generation Gap Tennis Tournament: The perfect parent/child tennis event for which a minimum of 20 years must separate doubles partners. This tournament is all about fun. If you’ve been watching your child work hard on his/her game during lessons, come on out and enjoy some time together on the court!

Recreational Tennis: The tennis courts are available for recreational play on a first come-first served basis when they are not being used for organized events. Adults wishing to play may pre-empt youth by asking the Head Guard on duty to clear courts for them. Please limit playing time to one hour if others are waiting.

Court Keys: Keys to the Tennis and Basketball courts are available for $10.00 each so that members can utilize the courts before and after pool hours and throughout the off-season. Keys will be available at the front desk after May 31st.


Any tennis lessons that are cancelled due to rain or other weather conditions will be made up on the Friday of the same week. Whenever possible, the lesson will be conducted at the same time as the scheduled lesson (i.e. a rained-out Tuesday 9:30 am lesson will be held Friday at 9:30 am). If multiple days have rained out lessons, make-up lessons will be combined by age group. Tennis staff will post a Friday make-up schedule to help communicate when those lessons will be conducted.

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