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The Parkcrest Penguins Dive Team invites young divers who can complete at least 5 dives to join the team. Older divers must be able to perform 6 dives. The dive team is a casual team where divers work hard to perfect their dives and at the same time engage in lots of flipping fun! Not sure whether you diver is ready for dive team? Please talk to the dive coaches. They will be at the All-Activity Sign-Up Day. If you want your divers to try dive team before committing, they can attend the first week of practice on a trial basis.  It is important that even if doing a trial week, you register them.  You can pay after the trial week.

2022 Dive Team Details

General Dive Team info for 2022 season, coaches info, new practice times and other helpful information.

Pre-Season Dive Information-2022

2022 Dive Team Meet and Dress up Schedule

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