Swim Team Reminders
Most returning parents may already know this information; however, it is always important to review a few swim team policies and procedures as we get another summer swim season underway.

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The swim team runs smoothly due to the help of volunteers. Thus, if your child participates in swim team your family’s volunteer obligation is for four shifts or you will be charged the $200 buy-out fee ($50 per shift). However, we’d much rather have your time and support than your money!

There are many ways to get involved both at meets or during the numerous team activities throughout the summer.  This requirement is for all swimmers, including those not participating in meets.  If this obligation sounds daunting at all, connect with us!



All swimmers are expected to compete in the weekly swim meets. If swimmers are unable to attend a meet or unable to stay for the entire meet, they need to sign out of the meet on Team Unify typically on Wednesday prior to a Saturday meet. Online sign-out information will be distributed closer to the season start. Swimmers must remember to sign out of the meet because a swimmers’ absence has an effect on other age group teammates, coaches, and the entire Parkcrest team.

When one child does not show up, there are usually three disappointed team members. If your child is only able to attend for certain times during the meet, please note this in the comment section. We do understand that emergencies may come up, and if this is the case, please get a hold of a coach as soon as possible.

More information can be found here.



Meet warmup times are posted online and on the bulletin board the week of the meet. Warmups allow the swimmers to loosen their muscles and practice starts and turns. Practicing starts and turns is especially important at unfamiliar pools. Please make sure to get your swimmer(s) to warmups on time.



Promptness is extremely important for practices as well as warmups. Practices begin with stretching and warmup. When swimmers come in late, they are not able to get adequate stretching and warmup. They also disrupt practice for other swimmers in lanes with limited space. Promptness is important for meets as well. Besides cheering at the beginning of the meet, most swimmers compete in the first event, the medley relay.



Make sure you check if your child is on a free relay at the end of the meet. On occasion, swimmers have left early, leaving three disappointed relay members.



Coaches make the relay assignments for each meet. At more competitive meets, coaches attempt to put together the fastest relays for each age group. In other meets, coaches may mix relays around so that swimmers can try new strokes or have new opportunities to compete.



Similar to swim lessons, parents are asked to stay off the pool deck during practice. If you have a question for one of the coaches, please feel free to ask them after practice. Thanks!



Information for the Parkcrest swim & dive team members will be distributed via email, via the Parkcrest website, on Facebook, on Twitter, on the bulletin board, and in family folders located in a crate in front of the pool desk. Email will be used regularly to communicate timely information and the family folders are available for distribution of award ribbons, permission slips and other items.

Each Parkcrest swim and dive team family is encouraged to become familiar with Team Unify (parkcrestregistration.com) as this is the hub for sign-out, results, calendar information and more.

If you have any additional swim team questions, please feel free to speak with one of the coaches or the swim team reps.

Swim Team Home

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