Parkcrest Rules & Policies

The following rules and regulations are for the protection and benefits of all members. Any failure to comply with these rules shall be considered sufficient cause for immediate suspension of pool privileges for a period of one to seven days. Successive violations can be considered sufficient cause for cancellation of the family or individual membership.

Children will be held accountable for their behavior and will be asked to leave the water or the pool if necessary. Parents are requested to remind their children of the rules before they come to the pool and to remind their children to obey instructions of the pool managers and other employees.

Members are welcome to report any unacceptable behaviors to the staff. The Parkcrest Staff will act decisively and consistently to deter any disruptive activity or persistently negative behavior.



  • The By-Laws are adopted by all members of Parkcrest and give specific responsibilities to our Board of Directors. One of these responsibilities is the hiring and supervising of the Pool Manager(s). The managers oversees the entire operation of the pool. If either manager is not on the grounds, the head lifeguard or most senior staff member on duty is responsible for the operation of the pool.
  • Check-in procedure requires that members always check in upon arrival at the pool during open swim hours. A staff member will check-in each member and/or guest at the front desk.
  • Bad weather is sometimes a concern. The staff will take appropriate safety precautions which may include closing the pool. Under no circumstances will children be left unattended. On cold and rainy days/nights, please call to verify that Parkcrest is open during normal hours. Our policy is to stay open for your convenience as much as possible.
  • Lightning policy. The most senior staff member present has responsibility and authority regarding pool use during storms. A 30 second or less “flash to boom” count shall require all swimmers and divers to exit the pools and seek shelter in the pool building. Once swimming and diving has been suspended, our “30-minute rule” requires us to wait 30 minutes after the last flash of lightning or clap of thunder before swimming and diving resumes.
  • The use of cellular phones, other electronic devices that capture images, or cameras of any kind is prohibited in locker rooms, showers, and toilet stalls.
  • Children five and older should always use the gender appropriate locker room. If you think your child needs assistance, ask a pool staff member to escort your child to the appropriate locker room or the family bathroom.
  • Please notify the pool staff if you are planning an event like a birthday party or team sports party at the pool. This is particularly important if the group will exceed 10 people.
  • A gas grill is available for use on the pool grounds. Please observe safety rules that are listed when you use it.
  • Members shall drive slowly and carefully in the parking area and on the streets near the pool site.
  • Bicycle riders should use bicycle stalls and lock bikes.
  • No food, gum, or soft drinks may be brought into the pool area, locker rooms, and changing areas except during special events planned by the club.
  • No intoxicants may be brought onto club grounds except as set forth by the board of directors.
  • No abusive language or profanity is allowed.
  • No tobacco use on pool grounds.
  • Only pool personnel are allowed in the office except during special events planned by the club
  • No weapons may be brought onto the club premises.



  1. Long hair not held in place by a swimming cap must be pulled away from the eyes of the swimmer and secured by some method (e.g., a non-metallic band or ribbon.)
  2. No pets are allowed on the club property (except during special events – i.e. the Doggy Dip).
  3. Glass containers of any kind are not allowed in the pool area.
  4. Running, pushing, wrestling, or causing an undue disturbance in or about the pool, showers, or grounds is not allowed.
  5. Equipment such as air-inflated tubes and mattresses, jackets, flippers, masks, playpens, buggies, lounge chairs, etc. shall not be allowed in the swimming area unless authorized specifically by the pool directors or lifeguards.
  6. Soft plastic toys are permitted in the shallow pool but are discouraged in the large pool. Small rubber torpedoes, rings, soft rubber balls, etc., may be used in the pool but never motorized or propeller driven toys of any size.
  7. Children under the age of seven must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or someone 16 years or older in the main pool, except during instructional periods/swim team activities, or with lifeguard approval on a daily basis.
  8. Children 7 to 10 who have not passed the deep water test must be accompanied by a responsible babysitter or adult. Tests can be arranged with a lifeguard on duty.
  9. Children under 11 shall not be allowed in the deep end until they have passed the deep water test or with guard approval.
  10. Children in the wading pool must be directly supervised at all times by a responsible person who is watching them because it is unguarded by staff.
  11. Diving off the pool edge into water less than 4’6” deep is not allowed except during instructional periods and swim meets.
  12. Unnecessary conversation with lifeguards while on duty is discouraged.
  13. Adults shall have priority over use of chaise lounges.
  14. All swimmers must wear swimming suits. Shorts and Cut-offs are not to be used in place of proper suits.
  15. Activities involving prolonged breath holding are prohibited.



  1. Avoid moving the fulcrum all the way to the rear of the board.
  2. Only one person on the diving board at one time.
  3. Only one bounce on the board during open swim.
  4. No running on the dive take-off.
  5. Be sure that the diving area is clear before take-off.
  6. Wait for the previous diver to reach the side of the pool before beginning your dive.
  7. Divers must clear the area immediately following entry.
  8. Enter the water straight off the board, not the side.
  9. Hands must enter the water first on head entry dives.
  10. Follow verbal instructions from pool staff.



Parkcrest is committed to a clean and sanitary water and your compliance with the following rules is required for pool entry.

  • Anyone having flu symptoms or gastrointestinal illness within the past twenty-four hours should not use the pool.
  • Admission to the pool may be refused to anyone with a cough, cold, inflamed eyes, infection, wearing bandages or other significant health issues.
  • Wash or shower before entering the pool water and wash hands after using the toilet.
  • Please don’t swallow pool water and also avoid getting it into your mouth if possible.
  • Notify pool staff if you or family members develop an illness that you think may have been related to a visit to the pool.
  • The aquatics staff will do its part by maintaining the highest standards of water sanitation. However, the nature of certain bacteria is such that your compliance with City and State Health Codes is absolutely necessary. These rules will be strictly enforced in order to prevent the possibility of an outbreak of Cryptosporidium or other water-borne bacteria.



The Parkcrest Board has adopted the following guidelines for infant use of the pool:

  1. Non-Toilet Trained, or Recently Toilet Trained Infants
    • Infants who are not toilet trained may not use the large pool at any time.
    • All Infants still in diapers or those in the midst of training must wear a swim diaper and a swimsuit with tight fitting legs in the shallow pool.
    • Infants who have recently become toilet trained must wear swimsuits with tight-fitting legs.
    • Nudity outside of the locker room is prohibited.
  2. All children using the shallow pool must be accompanied at all times by a responsible person who is watching the children. Make certain an adult constantly watches children in or near water. This is especially true in the gated wading pool area. Please be aware that there is no lifeguard positioned in the wading pool.
  3. The wading pool is intended for children who are non-swimmers and those supervising or playing appropriately with non-swimmers.
  4. Caution children who are playing with buckets of pool water. A baby or toddler can drown in as little as an inch of water.
  5. All life jackets must be U.S. Coast Guard certified and must be approved by staff.
  6. Children using PFD/flotation devices must remain under the close and direct supervision of the responsible adult.
  7. Soft plastic toys will be permitted in the wading pool
  8. Protect children’s skin with cover-ups or with appropriate sunscreen applied half an hour before entering the water.



Parkcrest members are allowed to hold private lessons using the Parkcrest facility during open swim times. Members are able to set up private lessons individually through their preferred instructor—Parkcrest does not facilitate lessons outside of the lessons already offered to members. If members are interested in using Parkcrest to host their private lesson, the member or instructor must inform the manager of the dates and times that private lessons are planned. Private lessons can use the lap lanes if adult lap swimmers are not using them. If the lap lanes are in use by adult lap swimmers or adult lap swimmers would like to use the lanes during the lesson, the private lesson must relocate to the pool area outside of the lap lanes.



During open swim, unless patron count is too high, at least one lane will be available for lap swimming. Adults get priority over use of the lane. Children may use the lane for lap swimming when adults are not using the lane. Additional lanes may be added at the request of members if space is available. Please ask the on-duty head guard to clear the lane for you.



The Parkcrest Board of Directors has established the following procedure for receiving suggestions and responding to concerns.  If followed, a resolution will be reached more efficiently than by word of mouth.

  1. Discuss the matter in person with the Pool Managers or put your comments in writing and place in our COMMENTS MAILBOX located at the front desk.
  1. If not resolved to your satisfaction by the Managers, you are welcome to email the Board specifying the details.
  1. The Board will reply within 7 business days.
  1. If still unsatisfied, you may appear in person to present your views to the Board for resolution.
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