2020 Membership Dues and Fees

All Parkcrest Pool & Tennis Club memberships include:

  • Access to all facilities including pools, tennis courts, and basketball courts
  • If possible, social events including the Adult Social, Trivia Night, etc.

Prices reflect a 10% discount due to Covid-19 delays in opening the pool. Due to social distancing restrictions, group lessons are not offered this year, so we are not offering the traditional inclusive “Full” membership plans.


Basic Family Membership – Stock: $520 / Non-Stock: $615

  • Limited version of full family membership that does not include lessons
  • Optional fee-based swim/dive team, swim lessons


Couple Membership – Stock: $450 / Non-Stock: $495

  • For adult couples (over 18 years old)


Single Membership – Stock: $270 / Non-Stock: $300

  • For single adult (over 18 years old)


Longevity Memberships – Household: $400 / Single: $250

  • Memberships for stock-owning members of at least 10 years whose youngest child turns 16 on or before April 30, 2020
  • Free lessons and swim/dive team are never included

Please send form and fees, payable to:
Parkcrest Swim & Tennis Club
c/o Dave Gillman
602 Ozark Trail
Madison, WI 53705