Guest Passes

  1. Parkcrest will not allow guests for the 2020 summer season in an effort to allow more members to access the pool. Nannies and other caregivers, as usual, do not count as guests and are permitted with the children for whom they are caring.
  2. Guest passes are good for one day and cost $5.
  3. Weekly (5 consecutive days) guest rates (for out of town guests) are $15 per person or $50 per family.
  4. Guests must be accompanied by an active member and must register by signing the GUEST REGISTRATION form at the front desk before entering the pool. The guest fee must be paid prior to use of facilities. Guests cannot be sent to the pool with instructions to use your name unless special arrangements are made with the pool managers.
  5. Guest pass information will be filed at the front desk because the intent is that no individuals use the pool as a “guest” more than 5 times.
  6. Conduct of guests is the direct responsibility of sponsoring members. The manager or head guard may suspend guest privileges when deemed necessary.
  7. The free guest passes that are given for prompt payment of dues and for grounds clean-up are good throughout the current season only. These passes are kept on record at the pool front desk (no physical passes issued).