Guest Fees

Please pre-pay for any guests coming to the club. A guest is in an individual other than someone who has paid for a current Individual membership or who is not included as part of a Couple, Longevity or Family membership.  These passes will be added to your account and do not expire from year to year.

Anyone who isn’t listed on a Parkcrest membership will be considered a guest. Special accommodations can be made within the Family Membership options. Please contact the manager with questions. Thank you!

Guest Fees

Purchase guest passes and we’ll load them into your account for faster check-in.

5 Pack - $25.00
10 Pack +2 Free - $50.00
25 pack + 5 free - $125.00
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Parkcrest Swim & Tennis Guest Policy

Caveat: The Board has discretion to adjust or suspend this policy in the event of a pandemic or other circumstances.

Other stipulations related to guest access:

  • As pool capacity guidelines are based on headcount, babies and those on premise who have no plans to get into the water must also pay the guest fee. Talk to the Manager if you have extended family visiting for more than five days.
  • Unused, purchased guest passes may be carried over and used in subsequent years. However, free guest passes, given for either early payment of dues or as appreciation for volunteer clean- up or other on pool grounds, are only good for that season.
  • Guest must be accompanied by an active member who is on premises at all times with the guest and conduct of guests is the direct responsibility of the sponsoring member.
  • Guest privileges may be suspended without refund, when deemed necessary by the Manager or a Head Guard.
  • The maximum number of times an individual qualifies as a guest within a season is five days – any part of a day counts as a day. An individual cannot use the facility for more than five days by being a guest of different members.This policy will not cover all scenarios but some are addressed in FAQ’s below. If you have specific questions, talk to either the Manager or a Board member.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1: With a family membership, is our summer nanny/sitter a guest?

A1: When the nanny/sitter is the guardian of the kids and comes to the pool with the kids, the nanny/sitter is not considered a guest. If the nanny/sitter wanted to come to the pool without the kids or accompanying with the parent(s), the nanny/sitter would be a considered a guest.

Q2: Is a grandchild considered a guest?

A2: A grandchild is a guest in all circumstances other than where the grandchild is also member as a child under a Family membership. The grandparents could upgrade to a Family membership and add one or more grandchildren. Note, however, in that situation the parent/guardian of the grandchildren would be considered guests and limited to five access days/season.

Q3: With a family or longevity household membership, how long can young adults continue to be included in the same membership, before they need to purchase their own?

A3: We follow the IRS tax rules related to dependents. As a general rule, kids must either be younger than 19 years old or a student younger than 24 years old. There are, however, no age limits for certain qualifying dependents.

Q4: Is a guest pass required for use of the tennis courts even if not using the pool?

A4: Yes, a guest pass is also required for use of the tennis courts.

Q5: Is a guest pass required for use of the basketball court even if not using the pool?

A5: Yes, a guest pass is also required for use of the basketball court.

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