2022 Lesson Session 1 Information

The first session of lessons is scheduled for three weeks from June 13th through July 1st. For the first session only, signups will initially be offered in person at the All-Activity Sign Up time on Sunday June 5th, from 12:00p to 1:00p. We anticipate opening up online registration at 7:00p on Monday June 6th via TeamUnify to allow those that didn’t make the in person sign up an opportunity to register. (While more information will come on sessions 2 and 3, they will be a fully online registration process).

How do I know what swim lesson my child(run) should sign up for?

What is the lesson schedule for session 1?

  • The lesson schedule for swim lessons, dive lessons, water ballet lessons, fitness class, and tennis lessons can be found here.
  • Swim lessons are 25 minutes / class, with classes taking place Monday through Friday at the scheduled time.

What should I do if the lesson I want to sign up for is full?

  • First, we’re sorry that this happens, but many of our classes have a capacity limit based on the skill level of the participants and the available space. If a second choice time is available and would work for you, we’d encourage you to sign up for your second choice. In addition, you are welcome to add yourself to the wait list for your first choice. This gives us a better sense of demand which we can either use immediately to make adjustments to the class schedule, or can use to inform future session schedules.

What do lessons cost?

  • Swim lessons, dive lessons, water ballet lessons, and fitness class are available at no additional cost to Full Family First Year Memberships and Full Family Memberships (stock and non-stock). Basic Family Memberships do not include swim lessons, dive lessons, water ballet lessons and fitness class.
  • Water ballet show as well as swim and dive team are available to all Family Memberships (First Year, Full, and Basic) and require an additional fee.
  • Tennis lessons are available for an additional fee to all membership levels.

Can I sign my child up for more than one lesson?

  • Yes, many children will take more than one lesson of different kinds (swim, dive, water ballet, fitness, tennis). We do ask though that you do not sign up your child for multiple times of the same lesson (please don’t sign your child up for more than one swim lesson of the same level).

What should I know about the All-Activity Sign Up?

  • In addition to signing up for lessons, there will also be representatives there from swim team, dive team, the water ballet show, and tennis to answer any questions you have about the respective programs.
  • Once you’ve signed up, we’d ask that you also pay for any fee-based activities that you signed up for (checks preferred).
  • While the sign-up window starts at 12:00p on the tennis courts, people often start lining up before 12:00p. The line tends to move pretty quickly once it starts, but we want to help manage expectations.

Other questions?