Parkcrest Board & Committees

Parkcrest Swim and Tennis is directed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. The Board encourages members to share ideas with them.


President Paul Eckerle 608-213-6324
Vice President Anne Marie Bell 608-821-0696
Treasurer Dave Gillman 608-238-5797
Secretary John Beard 563-508-7970
Tennis Open
Swim/Dive Aly VanDer Weide 608-698-0764
Ground/Improvements Peter Zarov 608-833-2988
Activities Carol Carr 608-233-1655
Kirtt Godager 608-829-1002
Teresa Schutz 608-609-0294
Travis Rumery
Dave Lyons 862-222-0320


Membership Co-Coordinators – Peter Olson and Charlene Drumm. Call 608-233-3573 to leave a message or email them at: